Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Eighty-eight, 090527 - Spring Hill, FL

Day Eighty-eight, Date Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Time in Saddle: 8:51
Distance for the Day: 90.53 miles From Old Town To Spring Hill
Accumulated Trip Distance: 3974.3
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 90’/61’, Highest: 124’ Accumulated: 144’
Speeds: Avg: 10.2 mph, Max: 24.1 mph
Weather: 65° clear, humid, warming to mid-80’s and partly cloudy
Expenditures: $23

Got up at about 5:45am, changed my clothes so I was now in *dry* clothes, broke down camp, and was ready to roll by 7am down this still wonderful bike trail, which even had its own bridges over rivers and covered benches for pedestrians every now and then. I came to an intersection in the trail, and wasn’t certain which way to go, so I broke out my GPS and notebook to find out exactly where I was, when a little kid came up, all curious and full of questions, so I spoke with him a bit, and then a couple more of his friends showed up, too. They were all waiting for the bus to take them to school, and I answered their questions, and gave the bigger boy my dysfunctional bike alarm (he asked what it was, and I told him I was going to throw it out, and he asked if he could have it). I let them all take a ride on the trike, and then their bus showed up, and they took off, and so did I, now that I knew where I was going. The trail was part of a state built and maintained system of paths that used to be railways, and as I mentioned were quite pleasant – well-paved, peaceful, and this segment was going my way. Unfortunately, it ended in Chiefland, and from there, I had to hop back on Hwy 27/19 (somewhere along the way, Hwy 27 turned into Hwy 19), south. By noon, I had stopped a couple times for a cold apple drink, and choco milk and cinnamon bun ($5), continuing down Hwy 19. I hit a 16-mile long section with two lanes going the same direction but no shoulder (I hate that). Fortunately, it was lightly traveled so cars and trucks could pass me fine – no problem, I finally hit a new section of road with 5’ wide shoulder, smooth and beautiful; the weather turned partly cloudy all day with large cumulus but no real threat of rain, yet; the clouds give me cooler shade when I’m under them, but in the sun it got pretty warm, and it was somewhat humid, but I could still get cool from breezes, so it wasn’t anywhere near 100% (whew!) In fact, on that new road, I pulled off to the grass on the side and put out some of my clothes, shoes, sleeping bag, and lay them out to dry for about 40 minutes. I got to the town Inglis, and stocked up on liquids ($9) as I was running short, and getting thirsty. In the evening, I stopped in at a Subway ($9)to get and eat half a sandwich, and then went up the road until it was just dark, before pulling into St. Theresa’s Catholic Church where I asked permission from some ladies there (just south of Spring Hill - N28 26.848’ W82 38.049’) (no knocking on neighborhood doors, this time) to throw out my tent. They said ‘fine,’ as long as I could be gone before 7am, when the pre-school kiddies showed up – not a problem. I set up on a cement walkway (it’s drier and just as comfortable); the air was very warm, still, and humid. I think one or two mosquitoes got me (not too bad). I put in my earplugs and went to sleep on top of my sleeping bag and air mattress – no tucking in, tonight!

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