Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day Eighty-nine, 090428 - Clearwater, FL

Day Eighty-nine, Date Thursday, May 28, 2009
Time in Saddle: 5:12
Distance for the Day: 49.8 miles From Spring Hill To Clearwater
Accumulated Trip Distance: 4024.1
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 61’/53’, Highest: 102’ Accumulated: 430’
Speeds: Avg: 9.5 mph, Max: 23.3 mph
Weather: 71° overcast, becoming 80°, humid, and partly cloudy
Expenditures: $18 so far

Got up about 5:30am, broke camp, and got out by 6:10am. Temp 70 very humid, lot of condensation on flat surfaces that were exposed, such as my tent fly, sky is partly cloudy with huge thunderstorm like clouds, but it’s clear overhead. Went a few miles down the road and got a Danish and choco ($3.50) shaved, and 6:50am continuing south to Clearwater, FL . It started to rain a little, so installed my new tarp, stopped at West Marine to see if they could install grommets (they didn’t), but picked up a nice, new water-windproof lighter ($14.50), because my other lighters have all been flakey (I mostly use the lighter to cut my soft nylon ropes to needed lengths, and to light my stove.) I continued on into the town of Clearwater, and found the library at about 12:30pm to do blogging until about 4:45pm. I went out to unlock my trike and start looking for the local theatre to see if I could catch “Angels and Demons,” when I met Stan S. We got to talking about my trike and trip and seemed to be in pretty good rapport, so I asked him if he would mind letting me overnight at his place. He said I seemed like a decent human being, and said ‘okay.’ Great! He had a 3-speed bicycle, so he and I rode a few miles to his home. We chatted and ate tuna fish sandwiches, squash, tomatoes and carrots. I then took a shower, put my bags in his house, and took off to go see the movie ($14) (*excellent* film – very close to the book, but they cut out the scene where Langdon jumped out of the helicopter holding only a tarp). Good thing both of us are night owls – Stan was still up at 10:45pm when I got back, and we chatted some more and I tried to help him with his computer (he forgot the password), tried several approaches, but without a CD burner on my little notebook, I couldn’t get past it. He’d get help from the manufacturer (Dell). Stan plays the guitar, and played and sang a song (pretty good!), and then I put out my air mattress on the floor and we said goodnight.

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