Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day Eighty-six, 090525 - Forest S of Quincy, FL

Day Eighty-six, Date Monday, May 25, 2009
Time in Saddle: 3:51
Distance for the Day: 33.82 miles From Quincy To Hwy 27 Forest
Accumulated Trip Distance: 3789.58
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 149’/50’, Highest: 192’ Accumulated: 1312’
Speeds: Avg: 8.7 mph, Max: 31.8 mph
Weather: 69° and overcast, clearing and warming to mid-80s
Expenditures: $25.25

Got up at 7:15am (a little late, for me), spent extra time securing my gear, and was ready to roll by 8:30am. Before taking off, completely, I used the method I thought up for adjusting the tilt of the front of the trike in relation to the back, and it worked. As a result, the problem I was having with a “noisy” geartrain also disappeared, and in thinking about it, it made perfect sense. If the front end is twisted out of alignment with the back end, the chain will of course be noisy. Great! I made it easily into Tallahassee by 10:30am, stopped at a mini mart to get a juice and beef jerkey ($9), and then pulled into the local university campus to try to find some free wi-fi, but everything was closed, because it was Memorial Day! I then used StreetAtlas to locate the nearest public library in the hopes that they didn’t shut down their wi-fi, and that it was free (without the need for a password), and found it, and the wi-fi worked! I spent some time handling email, and then left to find a restaurant where I could plug in to charge the battery, and to blog (Subway – yes!) ($9) I spent a few hours there, blogging, and found out they had free wi-fi! Oh, that was it – if all Subway’s have free wi-fi, with electrical outlets by their window tables, then I was going to patronize them to the ends of the Earth! Got some choco milke and cookies, and worked ($3.50). Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to start uploading stuff, their network went down, so I went back to the park out in front of the library (I found an electrical outlet, there, and still got a wi-fi signal I could work with) to upload it all. I finished at 6:07pm, and headed out of town to almost immediately begin to looking for a campsite. Yee-haww! I went into a Walgreens to get some Gatorade and found a new, plastic shoehorn (my metal one was getting very rusty) ($3.75). Found a good campsite off of Hwy 27 (N30 24.737’ W84 4.459’) off in the bush, just about 75 yards from the freeway on a dirt side road; must have been an access road for parks people, or something. There were a loud gaggle of herons off in the trees, and saw a thin crescent moon low amidst the branches of the forest I was in. The mosquitoes weren’t too bad, and I don’t think I got one bite. I set up camp and was ready by 8:30pm (the sun in this timezone and latitude seems to set around 8pm). The sky was clear, and I could see stars as the evening deepened: saw constellations Leo, Ursa Major, Auriga, and Saturn. Warm and humid enough to sleep on top of my sleeping bag most of the night, I listened to music on my iPod and saw *some* fireflies – I’m guessing they are pretty much all throughout the south; they seem to exist any place quiet and away from lights. How nice! We need to genetically engineer some to survive in the Bay Area’s climate – they are just too cool!

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