Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Eighty-one, 0905209 - Pensacola, FL

Day Eighty-one, Date Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Time in Saddle: ??
Distance for the Day: ?? miles From To
Accumulated Trip Distance: 3580.90+
Altitudes: Starting/Ending ??/??, Highest: ?? Accumulated: ??
Speeds: Avg: ?? mph, Max: ?? mph
Weather: ??°
Expenditures: $15

Got up around 8am, and Cho and I had a breakfast of buttered toast and cheese. She showed me how to use the cute little washer she had, which plays Jingle Bells when it’s finished (huh?), and she went to work. I did the wash while continuing to blog, and hung it out to dry when it was done. At about noon, I went out to get lunch at a hot dog shop ($9) and then found the library, where I handled email using the free wi-fi. I called the cycle shop to see if the letter containing the SD card carrying all my music albums had arrived, yet (no, Demitol), so I would have to try again, tomorrow. I finished up around 5pm, and headed back to Cho’s. She gave me her key, but had arrived back home before me (ack!), and had to climb into a window to get inside. No big deal, she said. We went out to dinner again, this time to McGuire’s Irish Pub – a large place that served large quantities of whatever you order. We got an appetizer of corn beef egg rolls (huh?), and we both ordered burgers and fries. By the time I was done with the egg rolls and fries, I had no room for the burger, and Cho had only been able to begin nibbling on hers, so we had them boxed-up and took them away. This time, Cho treated me. :-q We went to the Farmer’s Market to see some live music – it was a kind of small affair with a few vendors selling vegetables, eggs, wind chimes, paintings, trinkets, etc. Cho bought a few food items, we listened to the 3-man band play some pop tunes for a bit, and just enjoyed the pleasant evening temperature. Back at the house, I hit the computer hard, getting some serious blogging done, while Cho went to visit a friend who invited her out. She came back at about 11:30pm, and we chatted a bit about our cycle touring experiences, before she went to bed. I stayed up and finished the written blog at about 2:15am, and turned in for the night. Tomorrow, I would hopefully be able to pick up the SD card, prep some photographs, and load the blog entries to the website, AND see if I could also update the troublesome Google Maps route that gave me so much trouble, last time. Busy day, tomorrow. Good-night!

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