Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day Sixty-seven, 090506 - Crosby, TX

Day Sixty-seven, Date Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Time in Saddle: 3:03
Distance for the Day: 28.66 miles From Houston To Crosby, TX
Accumulated Trip Distance: 2901.4 miles
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 304’/302’, Highest: 336’ Accumulated: 135’
Speeds: Avg: 9.3 mph, Max: 19.2 mph
Weather: Warm, mostly cloudy, humid
Expenditures: $203

We got up around 8am, and planned the day. Stewart's office mates were planning a “going away” party for him (he was getting laid off, like I already had been – but he had some time before the actual release, and unlike me, had some other job prospects already lined up), so he had to go into work around noon. I finished up on my computer, and we looked at possible route options from Houston out towards Louisiana. He took me out on a short tour of the area to see the “beer can house,” and to visit the local Target store; he, to get some needed items, and I, to get an iPod Nano to replace my drowned CC Witness mp3 player ($180). When we got back, I packed up my stuff, we took some photos in front of the house, and said our farewells, and made my way to the nearest library to finish my blogging. Thanks Janna and Michael and Stewart for setting me up here in Houston, TX! I keep hearing it’s an ugly town, but I got stuck in some very nice parts of it, and found that, as with most cities, it has it’s nice and not-so-nice parts. At 3:30pm, I posted a brief update, and will post a new batch of blog entries, ASAP. I left the library, and continued east through the east side of Houston, going through large Mexican and black communities for several miles, until I hit the very outskirts of town where the railroad and trucking businesses co-exist. I found Hwy 90 with a little difficulty that required a few inefficient route changes, but found it nonetheless, and took it northeast out of Houston, completely. I stopped at a Subway for a sandwich around 4pm ($7), and continued northeast on Hwy 90B. Also stopped at a mini mart for supplies ($6) at 5:44pm. Made it to the town of Crosby at 6:30pm, and got a Subway meal deal ($10). I then found a church there to hang my hammock for the night. I got permission from the pastor, who took a few moments to bless me and my trip with a quick prayer. I set my hammock up between a couple of trees, though the town’s main strip was less than a hundred yards away; that wasn’t so good. Plus, the mosquitoes were getting me as I was setting up, and a couple of them must have made it inside my net-protected hammock, because I was still getting bites during the night. I had a somewhat restless night: I went to bed at about 9pm, woke up at 10:30pm, then at 12:00am, but finally got to real sleep during the wee hours. The “itch eraser” stick “sort of” worked, but it wasn’t instant, or all that effective, Demitol.

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