Friday, October 16, 2009

Days Two Hundred Twenty-six thru Thirty, 091012-16 - Seattle, WA

Days Two Hundred Twenty-six thru Thirty, Dates Mon-Fri, October 12-16, 2009

I hung out at Joe, Joanna, and Joshua’s (their cat) for the best part of a week. We caught up, talked about my trip, our lives, old times, the future – we watched the sci-fi movie, “The Watchmen,” They took me to REI and the local bike shop so I could get some self-sealing innertubes, a cheap poncho (still trying to figure out how to stay dry in rainy conditions), and other needed accessories. I then installed the new tires that my trike dealer, Steve, sent to this address; the rubber on my rear tire was worn thin by now, and it split right up the middle, all the way around, from the cold(?), over-inflation after getting fixed(?), I don't know (see the picture); we went to dinner at a friend of theirs, and had pizza and a fantastic, home-baked-from-scratch plum tart; I took them out to dinner at a nice Indian restaurant, and when I wasn’t doing all this other stuff, I updated my Street Atlas mapping program to show the route towards the “westernmost point in the contiguous 48 states,” and then down the Pacific Coast, back to San Francisco. I also had to do a fair bit of work to update my stealth camp locations on my computer map, and blogged, too. So, now I’m up-to-date, again, and girding myself for the final leg of my ‘fantastic journey’: out to that last extreme compass point. After more research online, and on Google Earth, I found out just exactly *where* I could find that westernmost point, as I’d found out it wasn’t where I had originally thought. I thought the westernmost point I could cycle to was the town of Ozette, BUT, it was only the westernmost *town* - not the westernmost *point*. I looked again, and indeed, I could get a bit further west by riding out to Cape Flattery, about 3.5 miles southwest of Neah Bay. Two of the other three “extreme” compass points had similar qualifiers on them, as well: "The most extreme compass points that I could get to as a public person, on a cycle." To get to the absolute real westernmost point, I’d have to do some hiking and/or boating, which wasn’t happening.

Just as I had feared, the weather for the foreseeable future (a week) was going to be some degree of rainy. Ugh. But, if Lewis and Clark could survive trekking through the wilds of Idaho and Montana, if the pioneer settlers could survive taking covered wagons through thousands of roadless miles, if Frodo and Sam could pass through darkness and danger in the land of Mordor, by god, I can face a little rain. Even a lot of rain.

Expenditures for Oct 12-16: used Stephen King book, “The Green Mile,” ($4), 3-Slime self-sealing innertubes, 4-CO2 cartridges, 2-velcro ankle bands, 2-sets of two thorn proof tire liners, one new bike pump at Gregg’s Cycles ($108), other miscellaneous food and accessory items ($62)


Rev Johannes Myors - Pedal Prayers said...

Congrats on making it to Seattle. Wondering what your next section would be. The ride from Seattle to Longview, WA isn't that bad (I did it last year) and then you could cross the Columbia River to get you back into Oregon and then you would get on US 30 for the ride to Astoria, OR. If you do take the Longview bridge, be very careful. The shoulder is pretty narrow and there are a lot of logging trucks that go over the bridge so there will be wood chips to worry about.

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Rev Johannes: Thanks, and thanks for the info, too. The final segment of my route takes me to the NW tip of Washington State, and then south along the Pacific Coast, back to SF. I probably won't see wood chips on the road, but I'm sure there will be plenty of other hazards to dodge along the way. Such is the lot of the cross-country cyclist :-/ Take care! ;~Don

Oh, to anyone else who leaves a comment: I don't know when I'll get another chance to reply, it may be soon or late, but rest assured - I will reply at my earliest opportunity! ;~Don

Rev Johannes Myors - Pedal Prayers said...

I've taken the ferries from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and from Edmonds to Kingston and they are both okay. Have ridden to Port Angeles. No knowledge from Port Angeles to Aberdeen. I've ridden from Aberdeen to Bremerton to catch the ferry there to Seattle.

You have a tunnel to go through near Chinook, WA. Be careful getting over the bridge over the Columbia River to Astoria. Half of the bridge coming from WA is low close to the river for over a mile and then it climbs up really high to get over the shipping channel near the Oregon shoreline. The roadway spirals down from the bridge into Astoria.

You shouldn't have much problems in Oregon. Don't forget to stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. There will be some tricky riding between Waldport and Florence. There are two tunnels in Oregon to go through. Make sure you hit the warning lights before going through the tunnels. Between Port Orford and Gold Beach is another tricky part.

Things to think about in California. Take extreme care between Crescent City and Klamath through Del Norte Coastal Redwoods Park. Lots of steep climbs, sharp turns with blind spots, riding on cliffs. At Interchange 765 on U.S. 101, get on the Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway through Prairie Creek State Park. Be sure to ride the Avenue of Giants. You'll also have a major climb to start CA 1 up and over Leggett Hill.

Beaky said...

Hello Don! I can't believe you're almost done with your ride! Well not almost done. You still have to go a little west and then maybe you can point your trike downhill toward CA. Will you pick up speed? I wonder! Can't wait to see you again. Will you look like the bicyclists in that wacky french movie about the three crones? I'm sure you'll look great and can eat ANYthing you want! - Renee

Beaky said...

Email follow up comments to

Happy Cycling. Cheerios! (hey that's your salutation. - Renee

Julie said...

Why does Joe's nose look red??? haha - he's always been a bit of a clown, huh? Glad you were able to spend some time with them - imagine you are on Hwy 1 heading back down to SF by now... probably at least through Oregon. Don't forget Patty and Pete are somewhere in the topside of CA by the coast I think...can always stop and stay there too. A.Margaret must be happy you are almost back. U Leo is doing great. You should e-mail Subway your blog, maybe they will pay you to use it in the ads! You could be famous!!! not joking by the ate enough of their subs to qualify for a commercial or two! keep on treking - I'll be bored when you stop...nothing to read! xoxopoo

Beaky said...

Don, I agree with Julie. Julie, you should contact Subway HQ publicity department. Shouldn't be that hard to get an ear there. If you don't I will. Seriously. There's really a story here "Obi Don Kenobi: Subway Spokesman". or "How I Bike Trekked Across America with Subway". Don, how many samwishes do you think you'e eaten? - Renee

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Rev Joannes: Thanks for all the intel on the coast route - I always appreciate first-hand data on routes - it really helps. Cheese Factory, here I come!

Hi Julie: Actually, I ran into a form of self-induced trouble - I left my fanny pack at a gas station, and when I zoomed back (after having gone 5 or so miles), it was *gone*. ID, phone, credit and ATM cards, voice recorder, money, camera - even my green laser pointer - gone (Demitol!) The good news is: one of my astro friends has friends living in the area where this happened, and have kindly hosted me, and have even been assisting me to re-assemble my lost kit. So, I'm still in Sequim, WA, and have yet to hit that westernmost point, which, by the way, has changed its location one more time (the last, I hope). Anyways, I'm warm, dry, and well-fed, and should soon be able to continue, again. And I just got through telling Joe, "Oh, you shouldn't get a wallet - you should get a fanny pack - I *never* lose mine." Problem was, I didn't knock on wood after I said that. =8^o Love ya! ;~Don

Hi Renee: Thanks! Yeah, it'll be good to get back. Interesting idea, becoming a spokesman for Subway. Or Gatorade. Or Dole (fruit drinks). It'd be a total hoot if any of 'em took me on. See you soon! ;~Don

Beaky said...

Don, Do you want me to make some inquiries? Can you estimate how many Subway's you ate? How many miles you went on your trip? When do you think you might be back in the BA? - Renee

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Renee: Oh no, don't do anything on it. I'll check myself, once I'm back. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be back, but hopefully around mid-November. I'm ready to start out, again, from Sequim. Thanks to the support of my wonderful hosts, I have reassembled 90% of my original kit. Yahooooo! ;~Don

Damian said...

Hi Don,
I've been following your blog for a while now, and really enjoying it, particularly your descriptions of each night's camp site. Gives me lots of ideas for future trips :)
One question for when you have time: I sure like the (non)look of your camo tarp for the trike. Do you recall where you bought it?

Happy trails! ~Damian

jlanuez said...

Thanks to your blog and some extended research of my own I bought a ICE Trice Q! No trips like yours planned but I also started a blog for the fun of it:

Can't wait to read more of your posts!

Julie said...

Hi Don - sick of looking at the same page - while I really like Joanna and Joe, tired of seeing them on your blog... when are you gong to update???? The fun is almost hoo! xoxopoo

John Howes said...

Hi Don,
When do you expect to go across the Golden Gate Bridge? I live in SF and I would love to ride with you the last few miles of your trip. I've really been enjoying reading your blog and it would be great to meet you in person!


obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Damian: Glad you're enjoying my blog! I got that camo cloth at Narain's in Berkeley, CA - it's a kind of fabric store for outdoor activities (hiking, camping, etc.) Here's their website:
Cheerios! (crunch, crunch)

Hi Jeffrey: Wow! Great that you got a Trice Q. I love mine, but I *did* have to get used to it. Of course, by now, it's like an extension of my own body. I just hope I can extricate myself from it by the time this trip is DONE!

Hi Julie: Yeah, that's understandable. Sorry for the lack of posts - haven't had much contact with wi-fi this last week, and the weather complicates things: I *have* to ride on good days, but there haven't been any wi-fi spots on bad days, if that makes any sense. I'm going to do some updates ASAP, but I may not get to them for a while, yet.

Hi John H: That'd be cool if we could meet when I arrive. At this point, I'm guessing I'll get back to SF sometime around mid-November. Keep a watch on the blog - I'll make sure to post a specific date when I'm pretty sure of the exact date. Cheerios! (crunch, crunch)

Paula & Dennis B said...

Hi Dave. An update for you about the auto accident you pedaled by - west of Port Angeles, WA. The 60 yr. old grandmother and her 6 year old grandson died. The young honeymooning couple, that she hit head-on, survived. The young man is out of the hospital. His young wife has had 9 surgeries so far. (The accident was only 3 weeks ago, so they've been through a lot already.) She has a halo attached to her head that connects to a frame down her upper body. They showed a picture, in the paper, of them both smiling in a Seattle hospital. What a way to start a life together. Poor kids!

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Paula and Dennis: Sorry for the delayed response - I don't usually check comments too far back on the timeline. Thanks for the added info on that accident - how tragic. :-( Don