Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Two Hundred-nineteen, 091005 - Payette, ID

Day Two Hundred-nineteen, Date Monday, October 5, 2009
Time in Saddle: 7:32
Distance for the Day: 62.4 miles From Boise To Payette, ID
Accumulated Trip Distance: 10,957 miles
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 2803’/2151’, Highest: 2803’ Accumulated: 447’
Speeds: Avg: 9.4 mph, Max: 22.6 mph
Weather: 47° light rain, stopping by mid-afternoon but remaining overcast
Expenditures: $8

I got up at 6:00am this morning to say ‘bye’ to Leslie before she left for work. She was preparing for a wet ride to work, and laughed because it took her about 15 minutes to prepare for a 20 minute ride. I then went back to sleep, until 7am, when I got up again to say ‘bye’ to Bob, who was also going to work. I thanked both of them for hosting me, and was pleased in the knowledge that they had a wonderful life, and would have many good times ahead of them. I spent a bit more time online, then geared-up for the light rain and somewhat cold temps (the new mittens would get their first road test, today), said goodbye to Angus and Glenna, went out to Bob’s studio in the backyard, rolled out my trike, and promptly stepped on a dog poo, which got all into my shoe’s toe clip. After washing it off at the hose, I carefully navigated the rest of the backyard lawn, and made it safely out the gate by 9:42am to the street (whew!, or is that phew?) I guess even Paradise has *some* problems ;-)

I began wending my way north and west, stopped in at the local Walmart to pick up some trailmix by 10:51am, and rolled through the outskirts of Boise, watching the now familiar transfer from urban to rural neighborhoods. I stopped in Emmett at 2:20pm for a Subway Footlong sandwich meal deal ($8), and did the usual ‘eat half, save the other half for tomorrow’ routine. The sky was still mostly cloudy, but the light rain had stopped, and didn’t return. I didn’t get as far as I thought I might, and arrived in Payette at approx 6:30pm. It was late afternoon/early evening, and I decided to take up Leslie’s offer to stay with her parents, Leo and Linda L, overnight, there. I found their house at 7:08pm (Approx N44° 4 W116° 55), rang the doorbell, and I didn’t even have to introduce myself – they were expecting me! (Thanks, Leslie!) I tried to take a line out of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, A Christmas Carol, by saying imperiously, “I am the cyclist whose coming was foretold to you!” but I blew it. Moments lost (sigh).
They stuffed me with a wonderful roast beef dinner, including a potato/carrot/onion dish, and buttered garlic bread – yummm! Leo showed me tons of pictures of his family’s events and outings, and I showed him bunches of my trip photos. They don’t have wi-fi, but there’s an unsecured signal from a neighbor, so I was able to use that to research the weather, handle more email, and post a review of my hosts (Leslie and Bob) on the Warmshowers website. Of course, it was highly complimentary. I didn’t need a shower, so I put my sleeping bag on the floor of their upstairs guest room, and had a lovely warm, dry, quiet sleep. Ahhhh!

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