Monday, August 31, 2009

Day One Hundred Seventy-nine, 090826 - Covington, MN

Day One Hundred Seventy-nine, Date Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Time in Saddle: 8:27
Distance for the Day: 79.91 miles From Skandia To Covington, MN
Accumulated Trip Distance: 8688.3 miles
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 1071’/1462’, Highest: 1597’ Accumulated: 2736’
Speeds: Avg: 9.4 mph, Max: 29.9 mph
Weather: 46° warming to the low 70s, partly cloudy
Expenditures: $29

Woke up at 6:11am, got up, secured my mostly dry gear, and escaped the morning shift of mosquitoes by getting outta there by 6:45am. When I left the forest road and got to the paved road, I wasn’t sure, now, what the couple meant by “first house up the road.” Was “up the road” to the left or right from the forest road? I didn’t think running around at the crack of dawn, knocking on people’s doors, was such a good idea, so I just continued on my own way. I stopped at a mini mart at 7:45am for breakfast ($4) for Danish, muffin and choco milk, and stopped at another mini mart on CR480 at 10am for food items and drink ($7). The weather was now mostly sunny, with puffy cumulous clouds dotting the blue skies. The road was, for the most part, flat and straight. I have to say, the state of Michigan now takes the top spot for quality and consistency of cycleable roads. Except for a few exceptions, they have been of good to excellent quality – even better than Florida, and that’s saying something. So, “well done,” Michigan!

Stopped in Negaunee at 11:15am and found a public outdoor stage that had electrical outlets, so I stopped to charge up my laptop and camera, and do a bit of blogging. I left an hour later, at 12:18pm, to continue to the larger town of Ishpeming, to see if I could find a Subway. Got to Ishpeming at 12:30pm and found a Subway ($9), then found a bookstore and got the Stephen King book of short stories, “Skeleton Crew” ($9). After the recommendation I got talking to the homeless guy back in Saratoga Springs (090808), I wanted to get “The Green Mile,” but they didn’t have it in stock, so that one will have to wait.
Found a stealth camp under the Covington Event Center’s outdoor pavilion (N46 32.646’ W88 33.459’) at 7:30pm and hung out, reading my new book until about 8:30pm to make sure nothing was happening there, that evening. I then set up my tent, and continued reading until 9pm, eating trailmix and drinking Gatorade. There were mosquitoes, but I set up and was inside before they came out. With no disturbances, and being well away from the road with its noisy vehicles, I had a nice sleep.

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