Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Twenty-six, 090326 - Overton Beach, NV

Day Twenty-six, Date Thursday, March 26, 2009
Time in Saddle: 6:55
Distance for the Day: 49.35 miles: From Lake Mead To Overton Beach
Accumulated Trip Distance: 1024.7
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 1289’/1317’, Highest: 2329’, Accumulated: 6607’
Speeds: Avg: 7.1 mph, Max: 35.8 mph
Weather: Clear, becoming partly cloudy, strong north winds 30 – 40 mph
Expenditures: $0

(No pictures today, sorry - too busy suffering.) The toughest day, yet. Heading north against a strong north wind slowed us down considerably, as one might imagine, though I have to say, my recumbent trike handled it better than poor Eusebio’s and Cati’s bicycles. You really know it’s blowing hard when the wind blows the air up your nose and causes your sinuses to go into “blowback prevention mode,” which leaves one without breath. It wore us down; we went for as long and as far as we could, but had to give up Overton, and settled for a campground at Overton Beach, instead. Just as we arrived, I noticed that I’d just gotten another flat tire – the starboard-front, this time. That made it all three tires – all three got flats. I fixed it, but noticed the “bead” of the tire had a dip in it. I ignored it for the moment, thinking that all it needed was a good overpressurized filling at the next gas station to right that dip. Met a nice couple who offered to share their dinner with us. We’d already eaten a dinner of rice, yams, and soup, ourselves, but they had hot peach cobbler, fresh from their camp dutch oven, which I jumped at (and let C&E know, they should jump at it, too). They didn’t know what peach cobbler was, before, but were sure eager to know the recipe for it, after. The wind of the day had died down, somewhat; a storm front passed to the south of us, so all we were getting was the wind from that front. I hate fronts. With peach cobbler in our tummies, we went to sleep, dreaming of tailwinds in the land where mini-marts are on every other corner.

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