Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Forty, 090409 - Holbrook, AZ

Day Forty, Date Thursday, April 9, 2009
Time in Saddle: 4:38
Distance for the Day: 59.01 miles: From Meteor Crater To 5.6 mi E of Holbrook, AZ
Accumulated Trip Distance: 1536.4
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 5469’/5205’, Highest: 5479’, Accumulated: 988’
Speeds: Avg: 12.7 mph, Max: 28.6 mph
Weather: Clear and cool, winds 10mph out of the west
Expenditures: $11

(No pictures today - boring - so I took one from yesterday.) Woke up around 8:30am, bought a hot coco and pastry ($4), and went to the campground rec room to continue blog updates until 11am. Left the RV campsite near Meteor Crater at about 11am. The winds were less, but still there, and providing a welcome quartering tailwind boost into Winslow, AZ, which I reached right around noon. I had a somewhat unsatisfying lunch at Arby’s ($6) (just meat on a bun – no lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, fries, nuthin’), and bought supplies for dinner ($5). Not much to report, today – got through Joseph City and Holbrook – small and unremarkable towns that I had no interest in staying in for long. I paused to pick up some supplies ($10) and continued until close to sunset, where I found a stealth campsite on what looked like the dirt route towards a small building, but there were no cars near it, or even any windows facing in my direction; I took this to mean it was unoccupied, and experienced no problems from it. I cooked up and ate a head of broccoli along with one of those long, thin Slim Jim meat-stick thingies (Auntie Elsie gave me a couple of those back in L.A., and have kept a few on hand ever since). Might as well mention an annoyance that has been plaguing me since Flagstaff; I got a mild allergic reaction to that Chinese dinner I had at the Flagstaff Mall that made my lower lip swell, and this turned into a major case of chapped lip. I hate that. It made my lip feel downright flakey, and it cracked and got open sores. I couldn’t use my regular Chapstick, because applying it would actually cause my lips to crack! I would spend the next several days keeping my lips moist by folding them into my mouth or by licking them, a lot. Got to bed just after sunset, zzzzzz…

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