Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Thrity-four, 090403 - Kanab, UT

Day Thirty-four, Date Friday, April 3, 2009
Time in Saddle: n/a
Distance for the Day: n/a
Accumulated Trip Distance: n/a
Altitudes: Starting/Ending n/a, Highest: n/a, Accumulated: n/a
Speeds: Avg: n/a, Max: n/a
Weather: Clear, cool, light breeze
Expenditures: $204

(No pictures today - sorry!) (Okay, I added one. This picture was taken the day before the snow hit us.) Woke up to cold, windy, nasty looking weather. We went to the main building to continue work on our respective blogs, and C&E made a couple of Skype calls to their families in Mallorca (Spain). Since Cati and I couldn’t seem to get the birthday video she made for her father to be viewable (I tried using my Comcast account to send it, but they have free accounts, so the size restrictions still applied; I also tried uploading the video to YouTube, but they *still* couldn’t view it, even though I could – weird), she performed the video live during the Skype video call, and it was well received. It was a cute song and dance routine with the song “Jailhouse Rock” reworded appropriately. The weather continued to look worse and worse, and there were short rainshowers happening, cold, wind, etc. and none of us was particularly interested in taking off, so, we decided to stay another day, and just bum around town, look at what was playing at the local movie theatre, and do some shopping. Again Eusebio refused to let me pay for my part of the camping fees. I can’t really fight him much on this because I paid for their dinner, and got them other stuff, too. Besides, I didn’t want to be rude and make a scene out of it. So, I’ll just say: thanks, Eusebio! We went to a late lunch at a local pizza place, and hit a camping store. I’m afraid I went a little hog-wild. I bought a new camp stove to replace my old one because the new one had an adjustable flame, while the old one had two settings: on or off – no simmer setting. This caused me to burn my rice twice, and this new model could do simmer, and they had it, so… I also picked up a mini-backpack, so I could do hikes a little easier (trying to lug one of my removable panniers as a holding device was like trying to go hiking with a laundry bag with sharp edges sticking out – no goodnik). To top it all off, I bought some chemical heat packs for C&E and me, and asked the store owner to provide a box to mail some stuff I was carrying but didn’t really need back to my home address, in order to help me fit the new stuff into my trike’s setup. I gave up on the exercise bands – I haven’t used them once, and they take a lot of valuable space. Also, didn’t need to keep the old stove, the hand shovel, or the cassette tool and wrench (I hope). Overall cost: $204. After that, we found a place that served hot choco drinks and had free wi-fi, and continued to catch up our websites, until it began to get close to evening. We stopped at a Subway sandwich shop to get food for the next day, and that’s when it started to sort of snow – it wasn’t exactly snow; more like an irregular, light and puffy version of hail, but it was covering stuff, and we still had our campsite to re-setup. We got back to camp, set up our gear, and I retired to the Men’s bathroom, again, to finally bring this blog totally up to date by a little after midnight. Tomorrow, the weather looks a *little* better, so maybe we will finally go our separate ways, again. Me, to the southeast, and they to the north. Poor Cati! She doesn’t like the cold. I hope it will be an early Spring this year for her sake. Or, if they can extend their visa, maybe Eusebio will agree to the longer southern route. We’ll see…

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