Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day Thirty-seven, 090406 - Flagstaff, AZ

Day Thirty-seven, Date Monday, April 6, 2009
Time in Saddle: 6:27
Distance for the Day: 72.09 miles: From South of Page To Flagstaff, AZ
Accumulated Trip Distance: 1393.4
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 6010’/5093’, Highest: 6090’, Accumulated: 2674’
Speeds: Avg: 11.1 mph Max: 37.3 mph
Weather: 28° F, calm, clear
Expenditures: $9

Got up at 6:45am, broke down and packed-up by 7:45am. It was so cold, the condensation from my breathing collected on one of the zipper pulls on my bivvy sack, and I couldn’t open it to get out. I had to breath on it to thaw it enough so it would move. My water and Gatorade bottles had started to freeze. I got back on the road at 8am and continued my previous day’s climb until I got to a narrow rock gap, where the road went through and down a long, steep grade, which came out into a long flat segment of Hwy 89. I continued east making good progress due to the flat terrain, and lack of wind. In the distance, I could see a mountain peak with snow on it, and wondered if I had to go anywhere near it. I stopped in at a somewhat large touristy kind of place called The Gap (no, not THE Gap), and got some food supplies ($9), spoke with a couple of the locals who were interested in my trike and trip, got a warning about mountain lions in the area(!), and then moved on.

At about 7:30pm DST, I decided to take Eusebio’s plan, and began stealth camping early, before the sun set, so I could have plenty of light to cook dinner, wash up, and prepare camp. It was almost warm, still – not nearly as cold as the night before. I fixed myself a duplicate dinner from last night: Sloppy Joe sauce with curly pasta, and a banana. Gotta try to keep regular! My new stove worked perfectly this time, and my pasta was nice and hot. I was able to wash my hair and have a sponge bath for the rest of me using the water from one of my bottles (talk about efficient use of water!) I hit the hay right around sunset, with a heavy gibbous Moon well above the eastern horizon. I put the empty can of Sloppy Joe sauce a few feet away from me, in case any mountain lions showed up, I hoped they'd go for the can.


Julie said...

Just Poo again...never mind about the replies on the blog...I meant that when you reply to my comments, I have to search back to prior blogs to see if you responded... if you just responded on this blog, I wouldn't need to scroll back to see if you said anything since I check your comments on the current blog anyway... blah blah blah... I know, I'm babbling! Be sure to treat yourself to a chocobunny on Easter! Mom was the best basket stuffer ever! Luv ya xoxopoo

VinceC said...

It's a shame you had to miss Monument Valley, but I see from your Google map that you're headed to Meteor Crater instead, which isn't a bad consolation.

As for cougars (and other large, hungry predators), you'd probably be better off not leaving opened food containers exposed near your campsite!

Joe Arata said...

Hello Don!!! Just wanted to wish you well on your trip. If you get time, please send Detailed instructions as to how to wrap the string around the ladders at Chabot. No one does it right since you left on your trip. Wishing you a safe and fun trip!!! BeachJoe :-)