Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Twenty-five, 090325 - Lake Mead, NV

Day Twenty-five, Date Thursday, March 25, 2009
Time in Saddle: 2:29
Distance for the Day: 26.33 miles: From Las Vegas To Lake Mead
Accumulated Trip Distance: 975.34
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 1771’/1289’, Highest: 2578’, Accumulated: 3484’
Speeds: Avg: 10.6 mph, Max: 32.3 mph
Weather: High thin clouds, temperate
Expenditures: $39

I left the Boulder Station Hotel and Casino at 9:45am to visit Janet and John for the last time (this trip), and to give them my thanks for everything they did for me and my newfound friends. The “instant hotel room” trick impressed the hell out of Eusebio and Cati! They were in Seventh Heaven. Me too, for that matter. =8^D THANKS JOHN! We said our farewells, and I took off at about 10:30am, but got a call about 10 minutes later from John reminding me to give him back the hotel room keys (darn!) Just kidding! I didn’t plan to try to keep them – we just both forgot that I was supposed to hand them over. Hokay! Back on the road, I took a few hours to wend my way south and then east to Lake Mead, and was able to find C&E’s friend’s very nice mobile home. Paul Romero is an outgoing and instantly likeable guy that C&E met earlier on, when their travels took them to Big Bear. He’s an avid cyclist, himself, a mountain biking competitor, and knows all about the nutritional requirements of extreme sports, such as cross-country cycling. Wow - talk about your perfect friend in the know! He rained power bars and electrolyte supplements upon us, which we snarfed up and squirreled away, and we regaled him with our stories, and he did likewise for us. His son, Jordan Romero, is 5/7ths of the way to achieving a world record-breaking goal of being the youngest person to complete the Seven Summits mountain climbers’ goal. That’s the seven tallest peaks, one each, on the world’s 7 continents, including Mt Everest (which he plans to do this year)!!! Read all about this amazing kid at Paul loaned us his car so we could go into Boulder City to pick up some groceries, visit the bike shop (I got a new helmet [$39], as my old one was falling apart), and to take a quickie tour of Hoover Dam. After returning, we had dinner and talked until late into the evening before we bedded down for the night in preparation for the next day’s target: Overton, NV.

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