Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day One Hundred-twenty-nine thru thirty-one, 090707-9 - Silver Spg, MD

Days One Hundred Twenty-nine thru One Hundred-thirty-one, Dates Tuesday, July 7 thru Thursday, July 9, 2009
Time in Saddle: n/a
Distance for the Day: n/a
Accumulated Trip Distance: n/a
Altitudes: Starting/Ending n/a
Speeds: n/a
Weather: mid 80s, clear with large cumulo nimbus clouds to the east
Expenditures: $0

I had originally intended to stay just two nights and take off - BUT, the backlog of blogs was so humongous, I had to stay two more nights (4 days!) Every day, everyone would go off to their respective jobs (Matt had his first job as a pool lifeguard), and I would stay home blogging ALL DAY; it felt like I was back at work, again (shudder!) Karen and Steve would come home in the late afternoon; Karen would fix dinner, and Steve and I would watch the Tour de France on cable. Matt would show up later in the evening from his lifeguard job, and by then, we'd eat. The first night, it was pasta with a chicken and vegetable tomato sauce (mmmm!), and salad. The next night, it we went out to pick up Matt from work, visited REI to see if I could find some replacement rain gear, and Karen got pizza from Whole Foods (mmmm!). The third night, Karen made chicken, vegetable, and pineapple shishkabobs on a bed of rice (mmmm!) I think I'm gaining back some of that weight I lost. Watching the Tour de France was fun - I've never seen it before, and ye gads, those guys fly! From their 14th floor condo, we could watch the full moon rising in the east over the neighborhood trees that looked more like a forest. They were all very lovely people: supportive, kind, generous, interesting, and smart. They'll be moving into a house in the same area, with their backyard facing a park, and they're very excited about that; especially Karen, who can't wait to plant a real garden of fresh herbs and vegetables. Both Steve and Karen are real cycling enthusiasts, and their home shows it with several bicycles standing in hallways, the living room - there's a tandem bicycle mounted vertically in the living room that's getting an overhaul. I was afraid I'd wear out my welcome with the extra days I ended up staying, but they didn't mind at all, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks Karen and Steve for stuffing me with wonderful food every night, letting me stay with you for so long, and making me feel so welcome! And 'congratulations,' Matt, for your first paycheck!


Julie said...

Hey Don! Was so happy to read up on all your adventures - was sorely missing your blogs... I don't know what I'll do with myself when you finish your trek...guess I'll have to get back to work (bleh). When you get here, how long are you going to stay? I expect you'll be here by middle of next week?
Can't wait to see you!!!

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Julie: Yeah, gadzooks - the cycling seems *easy* in comparison to catching up on backlogged blogs! I spent 2.5 solid days - probably at least 10hrs per day - doing the writeups and processing the photos, catching up! Felt like I was *working* (blech!) I should get to your house tomorrow around noon (Sunday, July 12). Yeehawww!
L, ;-Don