Friday, July 17, 2009

Day One Hundred Thirty-two, 090710 - Fair Hill, MD

Day One Hundred Thirty-two, Date Friday, July 10, 2009
Time in Saddle: 9:25
Distance for the Day: 80.39 miles From Laurel, MD To Fair Hill, MD
Accumulated Trip Distance: 6299.85 miles
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 254’/487’, Highest: 580’ Accumulated: 4662’
Speeds: Avg: 8.5 mph, Max: 39.0 mph
Weather: 66°, clear, warming to upper 70s lower 80s
Expenditures: $20

I woke up at 5:25am, broke down the tent, stowed everything away, and was ready to roll at 5:53am. I continued up Hwy 1 toward Baltimore, MD. The temperature was cool, and the sky was totally clear. I had my favorite Danish/choco milk breakfast at a mini mart ($3) at 6:20am. At 12pm, I stopped at a Taco Bell in Nottingham, MD for lunch ($5); they didn’t have wi-fi, but I was able to charge up laptop while I scoped out the next leg of journey to Philadelphia. I got a phone message from Conrad saying he would be at the Franklin Institute in Philly to see their Galileo Exhibit on the 15th. I resolved to try to see if I could hook up with him, probably by getting to my sister’s, first, and then dragging her to see it the next day. The Baltimore area roads were pretty nasty, with mostly little or no road shoulders (ugh!), but in the stretches of road outside of the city, they were somewhat better. This is fairly typical of eastern cities in the US. During the day, I got a soda a few times during the day, and stopped at a sporting goods shop to get a new compass/thermometer ($8) At around 8:48pm, I found a suitable stealth camp site in a rural area long Hwy 1; a large lawn area behind a ground-based power transformer next to a house (N39 41.881’ W75 54.419’). It was slightly elevated, so the sound of traffic got muted a bit, and there were TONS of fireflies, there. I picked a spot hidden from the nearby house, set up my tent, and watched fireflies until it got dark before falling asleep at about 10pm.

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