Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day One Hundred, 090608 - Miami, FL

Day One Hundred, Date Monday, June 8, 2009
Time in Saddle: n/a
Distance for the Day: n/a
Accumulated Trip Distance: 4645.86
Altitudes: Starting/Ending n/a
Speeds: n/a
Weather: Hot, humid, light rain in the afternoon
Expenditures: $27

Spent most of the morning at Art’s, just answering email, catching up on news, checking the weather, etc. Then, I took off a bit after noon, and pretty much spent the rest of the day at the Miami Museum of Science and Space ($18+$3 for snacks), and saw two shows at their “Transit Planetarium” (a “sky tonight” type of show, and “Worlds in Motion,” a nice show about Newton’s Laws of Motion, and how everything from sub-atomic particles to the entire Universe just can’t stay still, Demitol!) It was a pretty low-key but cool place, that had a current exhibit about how the study of insects is used in forensic investigations. They also had some live reptile exhibits, and outside they had wild animals that couldn't be rehabilitated for return to their natural habitats, including some vultures, bald eagles, alligator and crocodile, a couple of HUGE tortoises - like about three feet wide and two high. One nasty thing I noticed: on the outside in the back, where the animals were, they had a wall of little glass cups with plant cuttings in them for cultivation, and in each glass I could see mosquito larvae doing that little twisty dance they do - eep! I went out afterwards looking for a Bank of America ATM, couldn’t find one, was determined not to pay for the use of a non-BoA ATM, so went back to the theater complex mall, where I knew there was one, and recharged the old wallet. I also went to the Barnes and Noble bookstore to pick up a new book to read on the road, and agonized over what I should get to read that was small enough to carry, but interesting enough to read. I settled on “No Fear Shakespeare – Macbeth” ($6). I’ve always heard how great Shakespeare was, but whenever I tried reading his stuff, I couldn’t understand it (all those olde English words like ‘thriftless,’ ‘parricide,’ and ‘unlineal’). I then went to a Wendy’s fast food restaurant to compare their burgers with those of McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic, and Dairy Queen (Burger King still beats ‘em all – I’d say Wendy’s was second, with the rest tied for third), and I ran into some “old” friends: Ken and his sister Donna, friends of my benefactor, Cynthia, who I’d met the day previous. Let me tell you, Ken is an *endless* fountain of great information about the Miami region in specific, and Florida in general. Being the friendly and helpful fellow he is, he wanted to convey all his best bits of info to me, but after more than an hour, I had to beg off for sleep time, and with a final show of his van, which he cleverly outfitted as a mobile car wash operation, complete with huge tank of water and high compression sprayer, in addition to housing his four pet cats (or was it five), we parted company, again. I had a little trouble getting back to Art’s, but finally made it okay. I said my thanks and goodbyes to him and his partner, Luigi, as I would be leaving early, and would not see them again in the morning. “Take some mangos,” they said, and I wished I could, but don’t have room in my rig for them. Besides, have you ever tried to prepare a mango to eat? You practically need one of those autopsy tables with a drain, and a firehose to do it. I’m exaggerating, but believe-you-me, there’s no neat, clean way to prepare a mango – be close to a sink at all times. Got to sleep around 11:30pm.