Sunday, November 8, 2009

Special Announcement (091111) - The End is Near!

Hi all,

Well, it seems amazing to me, but I'm almost back to my starting point, about 8.5 months from when I started this crazy trip on March 1st, 2009. I should reach the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge this weekend (Sat/Sun November 14 or 15). I will post my best estimate for the exact time I expect to make it on this blogsite, this Friday, Nov 13 (lucky, eh what?) I will ride down to the parking lot at Ft. Point, which is below the South Tower, in San Francisco. There may be a group of people, mostly friends and relatives, to greet me. Feel free to join in the fun, if you want. Thanks for your encouragement, well wishes, and general support while I was 'out there!' It really helped to keep me going. Cheerios! (crunch, crunch) ;~Don


Stephen Seko said...


It will be somewhat bittersweet. NOW what am I going to read for a vicarious thrill? It was fun to anticipate each new post.


jlanuez said...


Agreed, bitter sweet. I wonder if you will write a summery of the trip, a "gear list", tips, suggestions, etc...

How about a book?!

Can't wait to read more, then go through and read it all again,


Julie said...

Wish I could be there at Fort Point... Mom would be so proud of you - she's there in spirit! Hope whoever is there takes some pics to send me - A. Margaret must be so HAPPY! Glad you're back safe and sound. I have to send you off your receipts you left me - I'll get them in the mail this week - was just waiting until you got home...

RobR said...


It's been great following your adventures! You should do it again sometime...

Rob Reiter

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Stephen and Jeffrey: Glad to have had you along. Well, all good things must end. The good news is: there's always something else good starting up or already in progress! There will be a book! I'm thinking a kind of combination story + how-to manual. Cheerios! (crunch, crunch) ;~Don

Hi Julie: Thanks. And thanks for all the love and support during this adventure. I'm very happy to have you as my sister. Love, ;~Don

Hi Rob: Ho, ho! Maybe after the knee replacement surgery... ;~Don

Rev Johannes Myors - Pedal Prayers said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment. You made your trip around the perimeter of the country a lot faster than what I did. I split up my first long trip in this country in three sections between 1986 through 1988 (and most of it was on a twelve speed and I stopped in San Francisco, CA and Toledo, OH to winter out).

Maybe when you start your book, you can give me pointers because I'm struggling find a way to compress 16 years of travel on two-wheels into one book.

If you ever get the urge to go on another long trip, let me know. Maybe we could meet some place and ride for a little while together. I'm already starting to make plans for my next trip (my 20th since 1993) that will start in February.

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Rev Johannes: Sorry for not replying quicker - I don't check for additional comments to earlier entries very often, so didn't see yours until today (Dec 3). Thank you for the congrats! Your trip around the country sounds very interesting, and I would love to read about it if you ever figure out how to compress those 16 years into one book. (Maybe you shouldn't try - write a series!)

I won't be going on any long trips for a while - I have a lot of new commitments, now, and they won't let me go for anytime in the near future. Sad to say, at my age (53), this may be my last 'fling,' in life - but ya never can tell ;-)
Cheerios! (crunch, crunch) ;~Don