Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Two Hundred Fifty-two thru three, 091107-8 - Arcata, CA

Day Two Hundred Fifty-two thru three, Date Saturday, November 7-8, 2009

Spent most of the time Saturday and Sunday blogging – so tough. Only came up for air at mealtimes, though we all went out to see the big storm waves out at the North Jetty. After we got back, we had leftovers for Saturday dinner – it doesn't sound like much, but you must remember: I'm used to the day-old half of a Subway sandwich, or a hangerber (sic) from Burger King or a cafe, for dinner. Leftovers of home-cooked meals were still a bit like heaven, to me. On Sunday, I finished up blogging and posted them to the web by the late afternoon (finally!) Pat and I went grocery shopping, and we also rented the DVD Coraline which included four sets of those green and red glasses so we could watch it in 3D. And speaking of 3D, I showed my young second cousin, Parker, how to take and view 3D pictures with his digital camera, and sakes alive! He *really* got into it! He started taking 3D pictures, uploading them to the computer, and viewing them using the cross-eye technique. He did this over and over, all evening. We had a wonderful home-cooked dinner of pork chops, rice, and corn on the cob, and then watched the movie, which was very entertaining. The 3D was pretty cool, but the red/green glasses made the film pretty much black and white. Afterwards, we watched a bit of the non-3D version, and could then see the colors. I did a final check on the weather (looked like a few days of light rain), and then went to my quiet, warm, dry spot on the guest room rug to sleep. Ahhh!