Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quickie Update - 090917

Hi all: Not ready to do a full-on upload of the past week, but wanted to let you all know I am now in Hulett, WY (very close to Devil's Tower!) and continuing on towards Yellowstone. I got to Ekalaka, and found out the route Street Atlas picked for me included impassable dirt/gravel roads, so had to re-route. I think I'm going to have to skip going to the Tetons as I originally planned, because it would take a couple of extra days to include them, and I just don't think I can afford that - I don't think I'll be able to make my "end of October" target date, as it is. That's the way it goes, sometimes :-/ Anyways, I'm doing very well - healthy, happy, and truckin'! Hope you're doing the same. Congratulations to Scott and Katie for their wedding - I'll want to get the full story on that upon my return. Hope you got my present okay! ;-Don


Rodney said...

Where do you think you will be around Sept 26-27? or Oct. 3-4.
We can fly out and meet you nearby.
Rod & John

Denni Medlock said...


There are a couple of possible contacts in Oregon you might be able to use if need be. If you end up going down Hwy 97 through central Oregon, Doug Berger (from Chabot)lives in Bend and the address I have for him is

If you go down the Oregon coast Bob Schalck (also from Chabot)lives near Coos Bay (in a town named North Bend, which has nothing to do with Bend!) and he can be reached at

If you need anything when you're in south central Oregon and north central CA feel free to contact us at 530-336-6493 (

Goodluck! Stay dry!

Denni and Kevin Medlock

obi_donkenobi said...

Hi Rod: Difficult to tell, precisely. I would hope/guess that by 9/26, I'd be near Boise, ID. By 10/3, I might be near Yakima, WA. That'd be waaay cool if we could meet, but it's tough to know even approximately where I'll be more than a few days in advance. Cheerios! (crunch, crunch) ;-Don

Hi Denni and Kevin: Thanks for the hosting possibilities! I'm going to be doing the coastline from Washington all the way back to SF, so maybe I could hook up with Bob. That'd be cool! I'll send him an email. Cheerios! (crunch, crunch) ;~Don