Friday, September 11, 2009

Day One Hundred Ninety-five, 090911 - Bismarck, ND

Day One Hundred Ninety-five, Date Friday, September 11, 2009
Time in Saddle: n/a
Distance for the Day: Still in Bismarck, ND
Accumulated Trip Distance: n/a
Altitudes: Starting/Ending n/a
Speeds: n/a
Weather: Clear in the morning, becoming cloudy and rainy in the afternoon
Expenditures: $0

Joyce went to work in earlier that morning; I got up at 8:16am; I took a picture of the three of us before Ron went to work mid-morning; Brian left to continue his trip before noon; and that left just me at home, continuing my blog, until 2pm, when Ron came home with a great pizza, and Joyce also returned. So, we ate chatted, and watched a video of the famous 100-parachute diamond formation of 2007 that one of Ron and Joyce’s Warmshowers guests had organized and participated in (I recognized one of the participants – the wife of one of my hang gliding acquaintances!) We broke up to do our separate things – me, specifically to continue working on my blog, which I did until dinner time at about 7pm. Ron called Brian to see how he was doing, but he didn’t answer his phone, so Ron left him a message, and we had broiled lamb and coos-coos – delicious! After dinner, we went out to their favorite local ice cream store and chatted more as we ate. Then we came back to the house, and me back to blogging. Brian returned Ron’s call, and we found out that he did indeed make it to Ron’s other home in ???, and he did! He covered a distance of about 90 miles in about 9.5 hours. There was an Iridium flare at a few minutes before 9pm, so we went out to see that and it was a good one. Afterwards, Joyce went to bed, Ron watched his son, Tom G, anchor the local evening news on the local ABC television channel, and I? Well, I continued blogging until the wee hours of the night (surprise, surprise, surprise).

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