Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Eighteen, 090318 - Baker, CA

Day Eighteteen, Date Wednesday, March 18, 2009, Time
Time in Saddle: 5:27
Distance for the Day: 65.8 miles: From Barstow To Baker
Accumulated Trip Distance: 762.73
Altitudes: Ending 1222’, Highest: 2380’, Accumulated: 1654’
Speeds: Avg: 12 mph, Max: 35.9 mph
Weather: 40°
Expenditures: $26

Going to start before the sun rise; there’s a half moon; but it’s getting light enough to see; see a couple of anthills, but they’re all inside as it’s too cold out, yet. I wonder if there were any antills where I camped…? My knees have been holding up very well, but the muscles near my knees were giving me some trouble, but not too much. Got some supplies and some veggies ($26), and met up with Katy and Louis who are from Spain, started their worldwide tour in Venezuela, and also happen to be going to Las Vegas, so we decided to ride together for a while. I got company – cool! Stopped at a highway rest stop at 12pm and broke out the stoves to cooked up some rice and yams (I ate most of the yams, as they didn’t seem to like them very much). Katy had some cans of V-8 vegetable juice, and we used one of them to flavor the rice. I told them about how homeless people back in the Great Depression (you know, 2009?) would make “hobo tomato soup” using free hot water and ketchup. We left around 2pm, continuing on to the town of Baker. Pulled into Baker at 5pm, and found a nice lawn behind the AM/PM mini-mart, and I talked the clerks into letting us camp back there for free. We took hose showers, they went off looking for food for dinner, and I just hung out to keep watch of the gear.

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