Thursday, November 6, 2008

Helping the economy...

...but not my savings account! I'm on a total spending spree (whee!) I'm normally pretty conservative with my money unless it has to do with Lord of the Rings collectibles, or, for prepping for this BIG TRIP I'm planning. Here's what I've spent so far:

24.46OnGuard cable lock
46.94Ducharme bike alarm
255.32CC Radio/MP3 player/recorder
161.98Green laser pointer
215.00REI bivvy sack
61.90Bodylastics exercise bands
60.00Black Diamond headlamp
35.00MSR replacement fuel pump
50.00Rubber booties for biking shoes
3767.32Trice Qnt w/accessories
130.00Garmin Foretrex 101 GPS
65.00Convertible pants

Some of these items may not seem like they should go on a cycling tour: Bodylastics? Green laser pointer? Let me explain. I like to work out, to keep my upper-body physique toned. I have free-weights at home, but I absolutely REFUSE to bring them on tour. So, these rubber-bands-on-steroids are relatively lightweight, and I can use 'em to stay in shape no matter where I go - what a concept. I will use the green laser pointer for impromptu star parties for whoever I run into in my travels. (Chicks dig astronomers!) (I wish!)

And here's my wish-list of items I'd like to bring - I'll have to see if I can get it all to fit in my panniers, first, and how much it will all weigh.

Camping: Sleeping bag and pad, bivvy sack, hammock, rope, cord, rainfly, tent stakes, mosquito net, tarp, space blanket, strong headlamp, lighter, earplugs, camp stove/fuel bottle, utensils, Sierra cup, camping pot, dish soap, scrubby, medkit, mtn $$, 6' of duct tape.

Bicycle: Panniers, cooler packbag, cable lock, helmet, flag, cyclometer, water bottle cage (but no water bottles - just use soft drink bottles), front and rear bike lights, tire patch kit and levers, 2-pairs of latex gloves, waterproof rubber bike shoe booties, some paper towels, 3-spare tubes, CO2 tire inflators and pump, compact bike toolkit, cassette wrench, spare spokes and nipples (4 of ea), tire levers, chain lube, spare brake and derailleur cables, cycle alarm, chainmail pack-lock(?).

Misc Gear/Tech: Strong headlamp, cell phone, radio/MP3 player, earphones, AA/AAA fast battery recharger, AA/AAA batteries, POV video cam, digital still cam w/charger, mini-tripod, extra SD cards, software on laptop (Starry Night Pro, MS Office Suite, Adobe Premier Elements, etc.), Leatherman, small binoculars, green laser pointer, multi-color flashlight, bird book, tree book, reading book (digital books?), mask/snorkel/fins, backpack (to carry expensive items), Garmin Fortrext 101 GPS, Bodylastics bands.

Toilet: Battery powered shaver and toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, toothpick, wash cloth, towel, soap, shampoo, DEET, sunblock, moisturizing cream, toilet paper, comb, signal mirror.

Clothes: 2-pairs of cycling socks, 1-pair regular, 3-underwear, 1-t-shirt, 1-longsleeve shirt, 1-long bike pants, 2-longsleeve bike shirts (one heavier), 1-"Cyclist needs ride" longsleeve shirt, 1-pair reg lightweight convertible pants, 1-windbreaker, 1-lightweight waterproof jacket/pants, 1-fleece jacket, 1-set long underwear, 1-pair regular shoes, 1-pair bike shoes and waterproof rubber shoe booties, 1-pair foam sandals, 1-pair water shoes, swimsuit, 1-pair fingerless biking gloves, 1-pair full biking gloves, warm hat, cap w/neck skirt, sunglasses.

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